眼見其他對手,像LINE和WeChat都一早有更方便的加朋友方式,包括QR Code掃瞄,設定個人ID等,而BBM也有她獨特的PIN碼。作為現時老大哥的WhatsApp,直到今早推出的iOS 7版更新後,還是遲遲沒有相應的做法。

筆者今天收到了一份WhatsApp要求幫忙翻譯詞語的郵件,共有新詞彙達70多句,當中大部份是已經翻譯過的。列表中最引起筆者注意的就只有「Scan QR Code」和「Delete QR Code」。



Messages cleared
{name} changed subject to “{text}”
You deleted the group icon
Press  to delete
Press R to reply
{} new voice message
Are you sure you want to clear messages older than 30 days from ALL conversations?
Press 1 to reply
Checking for updates…
List: {}
You changed the group icon
older than 30 days
Delete list
Check out WhatsApp Messenger for your smartphone. Download it today from http://whatsapp.com/dl/
{name} left group
New contact
Chat cannot be opened due to a database problem. Restoring from backup.
Only contacts with {} in their address book will receive your broadcast list messages.
voice message
You left group
Press 4 to forward
Are you sure you want to clear messages older than 6 months in this conversation?
Clear input text
No messages to clear
You changed subject to “{text}”
{name} created a broadcast list with {count} recipient
Delete list?
Scan QR code
Check for updates
Current version
{name} deleted the group icon
Check failed!
Please try again later.
New List
Press Center button to record
You joined group
You’re not a participant of this group
Broadcast lists
Are you sure you want to clear messages older than 6 months from ALL conversations?
Are you sure you want to clear ALL messages from ALL conversations?
List info
Install update
Create list
Show messages
You should use broadcast lists to message multiple people at once.
Download failed!
Please try again later.
{name} joined group
{name} removed from list
Add participants
Add recipients
Chat cannot be restored and will be reset.
Download update
Add at least two recipients
! New list
{name} added to list
{name} changed the group icon
Name changed
Clear messages
Rename list
Are you sure you want to clear messages older than 30 days in this conversation?
older than 6 months
Delete QR code
Press F to forward


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