BlackBerry PRIV 是一款滑蓋鍵盤手機,配備5.4寸達2K分辨率 (2560 x 1440)的觸控屏,邊緣為類似 Samsung Edge 的曲面屏、Snapdragon 808六核處理器、3GB Ram、32GB內存(剩餘22GB可用空間)、Android 5.1操作系統、支持4G LTE,藍牙4.1,NFC等等……

BlackBerry PRIV 主鏡頭採用 Schneider Kreuznach 為 1,800萬像素,拍照尺寸達到4896 x 3672,最大支援4K/30fps 的拍片功能。前鏡頭為 500 萬像素拍照尺寸為1600 x 1200。

BlackBerry Priv 結合了 BlackBerry 手機安全性和生產力,以 Android OS 平台上再加上 BES 12 的支持及互相結合,新的設備將提供 Android OS 最佳的安全性,目標客戶為企業客戶。

BlackBerry 仍保證致力於 BlackBerry 10 操作系統,將繼續發展和加強BlackBerry 10操作系統,並確認了 BlackBerry OS 10.3.3 已計劃在2016年三月推出,增強於安全性和保密性平台的更新。更多BlackBerry 的消息請留意我們黑莓會的後續報導吧……


The Priv presents itself with a 5.4 inch curved display. The curves, however, are by far not as distinct as you see them on Samsung’s Galaxy Edge devices. The panel runs a 2K resolution (2560 x 1440 px). The extremely high pixel density of 544 PPI matters in terms of VR, but during daily use its impossible to spot a difference to regular Full HD panels with the naked eye.

The Android 5.1 system is powered by a Snapdragon 808, which you can also find in the LG G4. Its accompanied by 3 gig of RAM and 32 gig of onboard memory, 22 of which are free for use. There is also a microSD slot in case you need some additional space. The phone supports modern standards like LTE, Bluetooth 4.1 and NFC. The microUSB port, used for charging and data transfer, however only complies with the rather old USB 2.0 specification.

There also is a 18 MP main camera with a Schneider-Kreuznach blend, that slightly protrudes from the otherwise flat backside. Part of the game is also a dual-tone flash module. The front camera delivers 5 MP.

blackberrypriv-look_bbc_01▲BlackBerry PRIV 是一款滑蓋鍵盤手機,配備5.4寸達2K分辨率的觸摸屏,邊緣為類似 Samsung Edge 的曲面屏。

blackberrypriv-look_bbc_02▲BlackBerry Priv 背部採用如 BlackBerryQ10 / BlackBerryZ30 的玻璃編織(Glass-weave)的物料,給人一種高階的感覺。


blackberrypriv-look_bbc_04BlackBerry PRIV “Touch + Type” 除了可在屏幕上觸控輸入外,還有更精準的實體QWERTY鍵盤輸入。

blackberrypriv-look_bbc_05▲在機底頂部為Sim 咭及 Micro SD咭插槽。

blackberrypriv-look_bbc_06▲BlackBerry PRIV 主鏡頭採用Schneider Kreuznach 為 1,800 萬像素,拍照尺寸達到4896*3672,最大支援4K/30fps 的拍片功能,並配有雙色溫補光燈。

blackberrypriv-look_bbc_07▲預裝了一些原生Google Apps,如Gmail,Chrome,Play Music ,Play Store等等,也可以到play商店下載安裝喜歡的應用。

blackberrypriv-look_bbc_08▲BlackBerryPRIV 工程機實測主鏡頭相機效果(室外,白天)。 (原圖)

blackberrypriv-look_bbc_09▲BlackBerryPRIV 工程機實測主鏡頭相機效果(室內,主要是日光)。(原圖)

blackberrypriv-look_bbc_10▲BlackBerryPRIV 工程機實測主鏡頭相機效果(室內,主要是日光)。(原圖)


▲BlackBerryPRIV 工程機實測主鏡頭相機效果(室內,燈光)。(原圖)


▲BlackBerryPRIV 工程機實測前鏡頭相機效果(室外,白天)。(原圖)


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